July 20, 2013

My first month of Motherhood

Life has changed forever and for the better! Little Boston Scott Walker was born June 24th at 10:38pm.. conveniently on the day Wimbeldon started. Late night feeds in hospital were a breeze! The second State of Origin clash fell on the Wednesday with a glorious Queensland victory... and of course Krudd is back. So when I could prise my eyes off our little creation there was some good viewing on the tele.

Back to baby. He weighed 7lbs 15oz/ 3.6kg which was a lot bigger than expected! All my trips to the bakery paid off ;)  He has tons of hair.. My heartburn was well worth suffering through. I can't stop brushing it so it gets really greasy everyday. I was in complete shock for the first 24 hours of his life. I couldn't believe he was ours and that everything went smoothly. I secretly feared that because I had an easy pregnancy that my labour would be a nightmare. Thanks to a delightful dose of Pethadine and a timely epidural I had a mostly pain free 6hr labour. Although I did have to get my waters broken which sounds awful and IS awful. WORST thing EVER. Things started looking up when the anaesthetist wandered in and asked me what my plans for pain management were... "You're my plan!"  The whole experience felt surreal, it was like a dream I was waiting to wake up from. Four weeks on and I still haven't woken up, I have a sweet little boy who I love more than ANYTHING! He looked like Simba from The Lion King when they passed him up to me.. eyes wide open.. big blinks.. It was awesome. . 

I spent Sunday to Friday in hospital which was great because there was soooo much to learn. We did go to antenatal classes but I'd pretty much forgotten everything. The nurses at the Mater Mothers were incredible. Their motto "Exceptional people, Exceptional care" is an understatement. Props to the cooks too... every dessert was swimming in custard and cream. Stunning afternoon tea cakes as well. They even served scones with jam and cream for Wimbeldon! I'm glad I still brought my own snacks because there were several occasions where I became ravenous in the middle of the night.
About to have a bebe
Hair Do's courtesy of A.Slade and P.Harman

So Motherhood... If you don't get your hair and make up done in the morning it most likely won't get done at all. I have never been so excited about someone burping. My burping technique must suck because I very rarely get a burp so when I do it's cause for celebration! There's a lot of room for improvement when it comes to nappy changes too. I either seem to change him during his business of just BEFORE big business. It's as though he's waiting for a clean nappy to soil. Makes sense though.. I wouldn't willingly walk into a dirty toilet cubicle..I'd hold on at all costs. I'm over whelmed at the thought of nappy changing for up to 3 years. I thought his poo smelt bad until I was changing him at the mall when another, much larger baby was being changed next to us. WOW. Not looking forward to introducing solids. I need an L plate for my pram. I've had several collisions into people and pot plants at the mall. One lady even rolled her eyes and said "That's the second time today" Let's just say.. she was a rather wide target. I made the depressing mistake of trying on one of my pre-pregnancy dresses. Too soon ..way too soon.. On a positive note my belly button has gone back to normal. I survived the first big vomit. Sure I shed a tear or two but managed well.. I caught the second big vomit with my bare hands so that was quite an achievement. I love being a new Mum! It's been the best 4 weeks of my life. I love this little kid like crazy. 

Coming home from hospital! 



  1. You are both sooooo adorable! Love your honest writing, commentary and all the gushing that goes with having your first baby! So happy for you!

  2. So adorable! Congrats Brooke! So happy for you guys!!! :)

  3. You and your baby are so gorgeous! God bless you both and your husband! You are a great actress I am a big fan of Pirate Islands.
    Best wishes to a sweet family! Love!