May 31, 2013

Bunnings Baby

So my nesting instinct may have manifest itself through "home improvements" Although I've always considered myself a Janet of all trades. Recently our main shower started leaking...I thought given my current condition I should get a couple quotes. The 1st one was for $595.00.. which I thought was outrageous... the second quote almost induced labor at a whopping $895. It was time to take matters into my own hands. There are a million things I'd rather spend $895.00 on! I furiously drove to Bunnings for DIY supplies. I spent $100 on all sorts of tools and crap...I love Bunnings because you could go there in your PJ's covered in paint and food and no one would look twice. I'd watched a few Youtube videos and was now an expert in the grouting/shower sealing business. I cut away all the silicone with a stanley knife. At this point I realised I might have bitten off more than I could chew.... I took a day off.There was a big gap where I'd ripped out the existing silicone so I just blasted the hole with more silicone! Dad helped with that part...I took another day off. I re-grouted between the tiles on the floor then caulked the remaining silicone around the edges. The corner tape I bought gave a very professional finish to the job which I was pleased with. I haven't turned the shower on yet but I know if I see any leakage whatsoever I will probably want to kill myself. Just as I'd completed the shower the toilet started running.  It's best that I leave that one up to a plumber... I almost cried when I got that quote too. I think I should become a tradeswoman. 

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