October 30, 2014


To be perfectly Honest whenever I heard Jessica Alba uttered I always mentally rolled my eyes because my husband has a crush on her. I know I'm not alone. I'm sure 100% of husbands have a crush on Jessica Alba. This was until I discovered Honest. I can't deny that this woman is utterly gorgeous BUT more importantly she's brilliant. She has created an inspirational & aspirational range of products that can " help us create a safe, non-toxicand beautiful home one small step at a time — no major lifestyle overhaul required!" Sounds good.

I've always had aspirations of living naturally. The idea of using harsh chemicals to clean surfaces that kids eats off doesn't sit well. I hate breathing in products that make me feel like I should be wearing a gas mask and bio hazard gear. I find I'm always torn when it comes to natural products though. I tend to go for products that "Kill 99.9% of household germs" and "Hospital Grade germ defence" I'm a hybrid person desperately wanting to be a hippy but terrified of germs and un-cleanliness. With the Honest range maybe I can be both! I haven't tried anything yet because they only ship to the U.S and Canada. I'm looking forward to being back in the States and checking it all out. The range is huge!

Honestly how cute are these. 

The Honestly blog is full of organic recipes, DIY beauty + wellness tips and expert environmental health advice. I'm scared of directing you to this blog because you might never read mine again. But I'm trying to be an eco-warrior, so in planet earths interests here it is ...