May 04, 2017

Ace Jackson Walker

I've been locked out of my blog for what feels like years! Today I finally broke in and found sooo many drafts including this one.. Ace's birth story. (Only a couple years behind schedule) I love reading birth stories! Don't worry no gory details. 

On the morning of June 24 // 2015 Boston woke up before the sun ready to celebrate his 2nd birthday. I jumped into bed with him to read books while we waited for the sun to come up before opening presents. I had period pain but thought nothing of it really. I was still 4 days out from my due date and assumed I would be late. I had a shower and that's when my water broke... I'm so grateful for that lol. The shower was the perfect place to be! I called Dr Yared and told him.. He said to wait an hour and call him back, so I called my Mum and Paige and started gathering my things together. I did my hair and make-up because I'm vain and called Dr Yared back to report my progress. He said to head to hospital and also mentioned he had a root canal operation at 3pm that day. So I thought to myself, I have to have this baby ASAP so he can be there! He has delivered Beau, Demi, Paige and Boston.. so it's kind of a tradition! Mum and Paige arrived around 9:30am and a bid farewell to my sweet birthday boy. We did have time to open presents and I refrained from any moaning even though my contractions had well and truly begun.

Mum, my husband and I arrived at the hospital at around 10:30am. I went to the pregnancy assessment unit where it was confirmed that my water had broken so they monitored me for a bit then sent me up to the early labour ward.. I was up there for about an hour, contractions were becoming unbearable and I was ready for an epidural. Of course they make you walk to the birth suites.. took forever because I  had to keep stopping, clinging to the walls in pain. So dramatic.

I waited in the birth suite for the anethetist.. again, felt like an eternity but was probably more like 40 mins. She eventually came in and started chatting away, all I wanted from her were my drugs, I was polite of course but really there was far too much talking and not enough drugging. She talked me through every detail of what she was doing, showed me the needle and random devices she was using...major TMI... I nodded along grimacing through contractions. I really wanted to calmly say "Shut up and put that damn needle in my back RIGHT NOW" (with a few swear words thrown in there). I'm one of those people who can eat dinner while watching a medical show but on this occassion where I was the patient I didn't have the stomach for detail. Finally she was putting the needle in, then enlightened me with "ok great, right in between the bones there" I immediately started fainting, luckily the needle was already in so they just lay me down while I came to. I can't think of anyone who wants to hear that level of detail.  My anethisit with Boston swanned in, gave me a brief run down, did her thing then left. This one however was so stinkin annoying I couldn't wait for her to leave.

The epidural kicked in and I was feeling good. I love watching the mountaineous contractions on the screen and feeling nothing, so calm and relaxed. After a while my contractions started amping up and to my horror I could faintly feel them. I was wildly pressing the button for an anestetic boost. Now because of my fainting episode the anethetist couldn't up my dosage any more becasue my blood pressure was too low. Thanks lady. So I had to just deal. My heavenly midwife Gai-Maree was just the greatest, I confided in her and told her I wasn't prepared to feel the baby come out .. she kept running ice along my legs to check the level of numbness and assured me I wouldn't feel it. I also told her I didn't want to do a poo, it was something she didn't have control over, yet she made me feel like she could grant my wish lol.

I got my epidural at 5cm // around 12 noon and Ace was born at around 5:30pm. I don't have my journal with me for specifics! I didn't need oxytoscin this time around espcially seeing as we didn't want things to move too quickly, Dr. Yared wanted to be there! I started pushing as soon as he arrived. Ace's heartbeat was steady the whole time thankfully.. he was probably ready to arrive about an hour before he actually did. He stayed calm and waited until we were ready! My beautiful little boy was 7 pounds 7 ounces.. We named him Ace Jackson Walker (AJ ) Jackson is my Brothers middle name.  It's always such a surreal feeling.. they've been on the inside for 9 months them bam! Hello baby! Boston came into the suite soon after and was really sweet, he wanted to pat the new baby. We opened the rest of his presents then ... I don't think many actually birthday parties have taken place in the birth suite.. there was wrapping paper everywhere! He got a Buzz Light year and Woody. I was ravenous of course and ate 2 dinners then we went up to our room.. it was about 10pm.. AJ woke up on June 25th 2015 ready for his first full day of life! We are soo grateful he came to party with us, he is almost 2 years old now and although challenging at times has most delightful soul. He's such a cuddly/ clingy love bug.UIKeyInputUpArrow I'm overwhelmed and feel undeserving to be Mum to my two gorgeous boys.

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