April 14, 2013

I was a Beast

I will freely admit I wasn't my best self during the first 11 weeks of this pregnancy. I was actually a beast...a  hungry and really mean one. It was very unbecoming. Luckily my Husband was overseas and not privy to my bad behavior during this time. He thinks I've been relatively lovely and calm during pregnancy. A few minor meltdowns here and there but nothing unusual. It was my poor family that witnessed the worst of it. My little sister who'd been begging me to make her an aunty for the past 6 years was most definitely wanting to renegotiate. I'm naturally a little volatile when in the company of my family but I took it to a whole new level. I was being compared to the evil villain Ursula from The Little Mermaid. To be fair I think everyone cracks it when they feel sick. It was a strange combination of feeling sick and hungry all at once. Mum was a gem and made me countless grilled cheese sandwiches and snacks. She was the only one who knew how it felt. I was SUPER lucky to not have the horrific morning sickness some women get. I didn't throw up. This was a big deal for me because I have a phobia of vomit. I was scared to get pregnant because I knew that vomiting usually comes with the territory. I went to a doctor once and told him about my phobia...I started crying, then he put me on a mental health plan.. I got scared and never followed up. So I just live with it, knowing that one day this little trinket inside me will probably vomit on me hundreds of times throughout his life and then go on to infect me with the horrendous virus and I'll just have to deal.


  1. OH you poor love, hopefully all the yukky bits for you were at the start, and the birth will be a breeze. Whatever - you will forget, Paige will forgive, Carie must be super excited, first grandy! (tell her I said it is THE MOST FUN IN the world!!)
    lots of love,
    Catherine xoxo
    (completely bald by now)

  2. Oh Brooke I love you so much!!! This will make my whole day!! Yes babies barf! Natalie wasnt so bad...Westin full on projectile, it even backfired all over his face once (poor guy). The nice thing is its not nearly as revolting as what we are capable of. Plus those sweet little newborns are just so yummy and sweet even their little barfs are cute!!!

  3. Finally! haha. Somebody else who has a phobia of vomit! Now I don't feel as crazy, knowing I'm not the only one :). I'm under the same assumption that when I have kids, they will slowly desensitze me...