April 16, 2013

Pregnant in Paris

At 18 weeks my husband was invited to France to introduce a film he made at FIPA (Festival International de Programmes Audiovisuels) He was in Los Angeles at the time and made the quick trip over via Chicago. We thought this could be the perfect opportunity for a baby moon! I called Dr. Yared's office and asked if it would be ok for me to take the long haul flight from Australia. I got the go ahead but I needed to buy some compression tights...which I did.. they were $99.. I could think of 99 things I'd rather spend $99 dollars on... But safety first ;) After dashing around trying to find winter clothes that still fit, I packed my bags and headed for the airport. After checking in I proceeded through customs then to the bathroom to throw on my compression tights. Ten minutes later I emerged from the bathroom feeling VERY compressed. They bring a whole new meaning to the word compression. Be warned it's probably a two man job to get them on successfully.. unless you travel with a personal crane. 

Paris was covered in snow when I arrived! I had found out the sex of our baby before I left (for shopping purposes) and was going to surprise my husband with the news while we were there. I'd bought some sweet little Nike kicks which said it all... Petite garçon! 

We spent a few days in Paris staying in Saint Germain then took a train south to Biarritz where the festival was being held. It was a awesome trip. I can see why they say travelling during the second trimester is ideal. Your tummy isn't too big to carry around which means your feet don't hurt. Morning sickness is a thing of the past (hopefully) and energy levels are sufficient for shopping and exploring.

Parisian Travel Pointers
  • Always book an aisle seat when you're flying pregnant... close to the lavatories.. but not too close. 
  • Allow extra time and energy to put on your compression tights. Expect to work up a sweat and want to flush them down the toilet.
  • French people don't care what sort of cheeses you can and can't eat. So research cheese!
  • Eat regularly. Which isn't hard in France.
  • Growing babies love croissants and macaroons. Don't feel guilty. Like my BFF Dr. Danielle wisely said "You want a sweet baby don't you?!"
  • Take a nap everyday in the afternoon so you can enjoy dinner and night walks
  • Don't forget to order a special meal for the flight if you want one. I always order Vegetarian... Mainly because they come out first and I'm not sure I trust plane meat.
  • Use the sticker I displayed below. It's a pregnant persons worst nightmare to miss a meal! 
  • BYO healthy snacks for the plane and for any layovers so you don't have a currency conversion dilemma.
  • Use up your last euros on Laduree Macaroons at the airport on the way home! 

Au Revoir!

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