April 17, 2013

My Heart Burns

I can't complain because so far my pregnancy symptoms have been mild and manageable.. Heart burn struck at around 26 weeks and visited me at 2 - 3am most mornings. Now it's an all day, everyday occurrence. The onset of this heartburn coincided with my discovery of Martha Stewarts Rocky Road Brownies. Thanks Martha. Apparently chocolate can worsen the issue. Bad timing considering Easter was around the corner. Didn't stop me. Dr Yared suggested yoghurt before bed.. I needed a heavy duty solution to remedy the problem so I started taking Tums. There is only one flavour here in Australia as opposed to the wide variety I remember seeing in America. I grew tired of the orange flavour then moved onto Peppermint Gaviscon. It was BAD! Don't get me wrong, no antacid is enjoyable... there are just varying degrees of horrid. Now I'm onto the old favourite Mylanta. My friend Cassie who is suffering the same fate recommended Zantac which will be my next and hopefully final remedy before baby is here and melts my heart instead of burns it.  

Yes, I tidied up my beside for this photo.. removing the half eaten easter bunny and other random snack wrappers. 

Delicious heart burn inducing foods:


  1. Mmmm brownies. They always gave me heartburn. I found that drinking milk really helped and putting a little bi-carb soda into the milk helped to get a burp out too. And peppermints (containing peppermint oil) were great too.

    Heartburn sucks!

  2. I'll give those tips a whirl Maioha! Thank you! I'm always glad when someone can sympathize with the burn ☺ xox