April 22, 2013

Dressing an odd shape - Summer/Autumn

It's been a strange challenge dressing my new odd shaped body. One of the best things I did was order maternity clothes early...well before that fateful day when nothing fit. I made the mistake of forgetting to think about underwear. It's very depressing and distressing trying to squeeze into undersized undies. Also don't forget to upsize your exercise gear... I recently was forced to pull my pants down while stopped at the traffic lights. It would have been a curious sight for any truck drivers who happened to look down.

The first place I went shopping was  http://www.asos.com/au/Women/Maternity/Cat/pgecategory.aspx?cid=5813 they have a HUGE range of cute clothes that won't make you look too matronly. I think it's important to try and feel your best under the expanding circumstances. Investing in a few good maternity outfits is good for moral and might save you a few tears! ASOS has free shipping too! One of my best purchases was the Jeans West maternity jeans, recommended by my friend Amber. They are legends. I have them in black and indigo. http://www.jeanswest.com.au/womens/jeans/womens-maternity-jeans.html. I will definitely be wearing these post pregnancy.. they are soo comfortable. No need to cave into to the "as seen on TV" Pyjama Jeans.

I've been able to wear some of my tops still. You can tie up t-shirts and blouses and throw on a skirt so no need to go over board buying a whole new wardrobe. Unless you want to of course!  Lately I've been going for the faux sporty look so I can wear my running shoes for comfort! I say Faux because I don't always exercise. My feet are struggling to hold the extra weight. Expect to see some granny style orthopaedic footwear in my "Dressing an odd shape" Winter edition. Below are a few basic outfits I've put together, photographed reluctantly by my little sister. Thanks Rosh!

Alpha60 skirt & Witchery tank and scarf

Alpha60 skirt with Country Road t-shirt / Max Studio maxi dress

ASOS dress / Pea in a Pod striped dress & Kookai jacket
(I look like i'm hiding a basketball)

Pea in a Pod tunic & Nashi wrap / ASOS striped jersey top and Jeans West jeans

Shopping Tips

  • Buy undies 3 sizes bigger than normal
  • If hesitating on sizes while online shopping -  go for the bigger one.
  • Everything cotton! Especially in summer. Polyester and pregnancy are NOT a good combo.
  • Layer. So you can strip off when you get a hot flash.
  • Buy maternity bras. I like the Berlei ones.
  • Trick everyone into thinking you're fit by wearing work out gear and enjoy the cushioned  comfort! 

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