April 24, 2013

Fainting Goat

I'm concerned and hope this problem I'm having doesn't last. Since being pregnant I haven't been able to stomach one of my favourite TV shows. Embarrassing Bodies. I also struggle through the Finish Dishwashing commercials that inform me that the pipes in my dishwasher are harbouring all manner of grime, grease and food particles. I have always taken pride in being able to watch emergency room reality shows over dinner. During our antennal classes we watched a few birth videos and I got a hot flush! I don't know what's going on but I'm afraid I'll faint during labour. I'm prone to fainting because I have low blood pressure. Strangely my new years resolution last year was to regularly donate blood. I failed the first time, then after my second attempt I was banned from donating for 2 years. I recently felt faint while I was on a plane and had to jump out of my seat and lay down in the aisle with my legs up. (Lucky I was wearing jeans) I reminded myself of a Fainting Goat..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we9_CdNPuJg 
NB: I had just been served a meal.. so I would have fallen under the "excited about being fed" fainting category. I asked Nurse Amanda if she has witnessed this happening to anyone during labour and she said adrenaline usually prohibits it. Fingers crossed she's right. I'll just have to keep my eyes shut and have a chupa chup! 

Anti - Fainting tips (I'm obviously not and expert in the field)
  • Eat regularly
  • Carry a fan with you at all times
  • If you feel faint, lie down and put your legs up
  • Stay cool and hydrated
  • Carry snacks at all times

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