May 02, 2013

Building the Bugaboo

I was super excited when my pram arrived! I ordered it online from Neiman Marcus in the States. It was much cheaper that way (By about $300) although I did have to pay import tax. Bleh. I chose a Bugaboo Chameleon in the Denim 107. My friend Saskia has the Cameleon and loves it. The good thing about this one is you can buy a suitcase for it. We travel around quite a bit so I thought this would be handy. I haven't tried putting it in the suitcase yet... I know it won't be fun and I'll probably throw it off the balcony. 

I'm getting concerned about how tricky it could be to travel with baby. I recently had a meltdown at Brisbane airport on the journey from the plane to the baggage carousel. There was no aero bridge to the terminal... I felt like I'd climbed K2 by the time I got up the stairs. I burst into tears and a kind bogan carried by bags. Love my fellow Queenslanders. I'll be minimising my hand luggage from now on... I'm carrying enough weight as is... Soon I'll only be able to travel from the couch to the fridge.

Anyway back to the Bugaboo.. Paige and I built the pram together. I'm glad she was there to help... The assembly instructions are very Ikea-esque and since being pregnant I have noticed my problem solving skills have been declining. Bad combo. I think denim will be good as it could work for a boy or girl. I also have the opportunity to wear denim jeans, a denim jacket and push a denim pram. High farrrshun. My friend Josh would be proud. 

This is my Grinch pose

Test Drive!

There is another special edition Bugaboo coming in June. Andy Warhol + Bugaboo. Super cute. 

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