May 06, 2013

Oatmeal Dream Catcher

I'm usually not a dream sharer because I test them on my husband who is always disappointed at the anti climactic nature of them."I had the worst nightmare last night!!"... followed by my tale, is usually met with "Wow, that's it?" He has epic war dreams that have a clear plot and narrative with fleshed out characters. Last night I dreamt that I was sipping a Sprite from a Mcdonald's cup when I opened it and found a pair of men's footy shorts complete with undies inside. (Dreams don't care about perspective, trust me.. the shorts and undies were in the cup with plenty of room to spare) I was horrified and went back to the counter to tell them what I'd found "You'll be right" said the man.. sniggering.. I asked if I could have a bottle of water as compensation (I should have sued, that would have made the dream more dramatic ) but the staff didn't know how to open the till. I suppose I cannot classify this as a nightmare. To be honest I'm just glad for any dreams or nightmares these days. Usually I'm up all night trying to keep my heartburn under control! I'd rather footy shorts in my drink than a night wrestling with the 10 pillows I've arranged into a throne. Moral to the story for heart burn sufferers is to have breakfast for dinner or Brinner as my mate Shan calls it. Oatmeal + brown sugar = sleep with a side of footy shorts.

So I guess I've been running around grenade in hand fighting for freedom.

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