May 09, 2013

Bird of Preg

I'm still waiting for my "nesting instinct" to kick into gear. For as much as I hate to admit it I'm not a domestic goddess in any way, shape or form. Actually I can bake...  but that's about it and I probably only persisted at it because I love eating cookies and cake. I have mixed emotions about this "nesting" business because I've had the wonderful excuse not to clean because of the exposure to "harsh chemicals", which my pregnancy app says are bad. Even though I bought all natural products... it's better not to risk it, JUST in case ;) During my midwife interview she asked me if I was feeling anxious about being able to do housework after the baby comes. I replied "No, not at all.." This is probably because I live by the motto "My idea of housework is to sweep the room with a glance" I'll leave the nesting to my husband if my own instinct doesn't come and even if it does.. I'm sure I can suppress it and focus on my other talents.... like crafting and making mess!

Another symptom of nesting is cooking, I'm NOT in a mental state to cook at the moment (or ever). Recently my brother in law came over for dinner and I thought to avoid disaster I'd do a Mrs Doubtfire and just order some frozen dumplings from The Oriental Tea House... I would simply just have to defrost & steam them.. Voila! Nek minnit I smell "camping" and yes my bamboo steamer is catching on fire. Then my husband didn't eat the chicken ones because he "can't afford to get food poisoning." Compliments to the chef! I have to admit.. they were totally raw when I served them EVEN though I followed the instructions. So I don't think I'll be hosting any dinner parties in the near future.. I'll just stick to microwave oatmeal until I can afford a chef (when I'm in a nursing home). My BFF noticed there was a fire extinguisher attached to the wall in my new kitchen... "You'll be needing that" she said... I had to agree.

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  1. I don't think I ever had the urge to do extra housework either! Apparently my urge to put baby's room together was nesting but frankly I'm sure I only had that urge because I didn't have need for a baby's room before. Common sense really.