April 13, 2013

Pregnancy Products I love

I always travel with Aveda Lavender oil in the event I come across an odour that turns my stomach. At which moment I calming shove the bottle as close to my nose as possible and imagine I'm somewhere over the rainbow.. It has come in VERY handy. It's also nice to use as a calming sleep inducing fragrance.  I sprinkle it in my suitcase too.
Clarins Huile "Tonic" Oil was a gift from my Mum who after 4 pregnancies claims to have no stretch marks. I'm 30 weeks now and so far so good. I guess it depends on how rapidly ones tummy grows. Mine had been slow and steady. Most people say don't bother with creams and oils because they don't work. Doesn't hurt to try I say! Besides they help ease any itchiness. This oil smells AMAZING and is definitely my top pick product. It came in a  Clarins pregnancy hamper that has a few other pregnancy friendly gems!
I bought some Burt's Bees Mama Bee belly butter at Wholefoods while I was in America. I use this in the mornings mostly so my clothes don't get ruined by the oil! It's a nice mildly fragranced cream if strong smells aren't your thing. I didn't use many products in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy because most smells made me sick. I even cried once when Jeff made a burger. Now that I'm 30 weeks I cry tears of joy when Jeff makes burgers!

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