September 12, 2013

Murphy's Law

Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong".

It's always the one time you don't throw the burp cloth over your shoulder that the bi-weekly massive vomit starts to trickle down your butt crack. It's the odd occasion when you don't place the wee wee tee pee on (a tiny cone shaped cloth that prevents little boys from weeing on you and themselves) that you receive a spray. Recently the first major poonami arrived when I was home alone and required serious back up. I used to think Murphy's Law came into play when you are running late somewhere (which is always) and get caught at every red light. Now it's taken on a whole new meaning. 

 After all the feeding, nappy changes, baths, outfit selecting and general entertainment I provided for the first 8 weeks... I was beginning to feel under appreciated as Boston was quite unresponsive. Luckily right on cue at 8 weeks he gave us a big gummy shark smile.. Yes he was awake and no it wasn't gas (for once) Now at 11 weeks I've had a few giggles.. All my songs and silly sounds are not in vain! As far as Murphy's Law goes the stakes will only rise from here. The adventure continues.

P.S - Boston just fell off the bed. I left him to go get his nose puffer in the kitchen. I cut my finger on the blender blade while retrieving the puffer from the dish rack and as I walked back into the bedroom he was crying on the floor. Lesson learnt. I feel TERRIBLE but he seems ok. Will continue to observe. Thanks again Murphy..u suck.

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