September 22, 2013

Across the Pacific with papoose.

 A papoose (from the Algonquian papoos, meaning "child") is an American English loanword whose present meaning is "a Native American Indian child" (regardless of tribe) or, even more generally, any child, usually used as a term of endearment, often in the context of the child's mother.

A few weeks ago my 7 week old little boy, my Mum and I boarded a 13 hr from Brisbane to Los Angeles. Before leaving I asked Boston's paediatrician if he had any tips for traveling long haul with babes. He advised me that I should book a first class ticket and an economy ticket for the baby.  LOL. But seriously, he didn't follow it up with any real advice. So.. I thought it can't be too big a drama. Thankfully my Mum came with us for reinforcement and also just because we love her.

 I knew I had to feed him on the way up and also on descent to save his little ears from hurting. Timing is everything. For any future newby Mum and babe travellers. I'd say start feeding during take-off. I started  prematurely and he was a bit over it by the time we made it to altitude. The way down is a lot trickier... especially in my case... the plane was diving down then suddenly starting shooting back up again! Needless to say my poor little boy had to over indugle and did an epic vomit. I barely survived it. I couldn't run away because I was belted in and he was strapped to me! Another tip. Take plastic bags and spare clothes for yourself! (Which thankfully I did) He takes a dummy now so hopefully we won't have a repeat incident.

A fellow passenger gave Boston an A+ for his travelling skills. (I'd like to think it was my mothering prowess) He was a little champion on his first flight. Didn't sleep though, apart from a few cat naps.. but overall was a happy camper..  Hooray!  Although he did create about 10 dirty nappies. A new personal best in 13 hours. Mum and I took two on, two off. It's best to use the disabled bathroom at the back of the plane so you don't go dropping everything into the loo like I almost did. I'm soooo lucky my Mumma was with me for my maiden voyage as a Mum! I would not give Boston an A+ for the days/nights following his first flight however. Never expect to hit the ground running with a jet setting babe!  It took about a week (felt like two) for us to figure out day from night! I had a taste of what sleep deprivation is and understand why it's used as an army torture technique.

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