October 08, 2013

Baby Body Booty Belly

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." - Virginia Woolf

 Where do I begin. I thought I was doing pretty well weight wise during my pregnancy. It wasn't until after I had Boston that I realised the full extent of change. I've decided that a number on the scales means nothing. After 6 weeks I was 5kg off my pre-pregnancy weight which I was shocked about considering a didn't feel remotely like my pre pregnant self! Even now after 3 months the scales tell me one thing but I feel another! 

I was in the family change rooms with my sister the other day trying on jeans. The time had come to break out of the comfort of my maternity jeans. I was bragging about how proud I am to be trying jeans that fit her (she's 16)... I spoke too soon. The next pair I tried I SPLIT. Yes I tore them... it wasn't even bad seam construction I split the actual fabric. We laughed hysterically and silently for about 5 minutes... before making a quick get away. I felt terrible but it was too embarrassing to admit my crime. So I split and ran! 

Anyway if you've had a baby I think you have to go easy on yourself... Undoubtedly bringing a baby into the world the way we do is bound to create a few changes. I was lucky to only get a couple stretch marks.. but that doesn't mean my stomach looks any less weird...at least I can say I earned my stripes! Ultimately whatever state you're left in post pregnancy, you have to embrace it! Dieting isn't the answer in my opinion.. the last thing you need is to make yourself miserable.. depriving yourself of essential delicious treats is a terrible idea. They offer much more goodness than you think. A little bit of sugar makes everyone nicer... especially me! I'm sure it makes your milk taste better too.. which might make your baby drink more which means you'll lose weight faster! It's a win win. 

I'm clearly no guru on the subject but my message to myself and you (if you're a pregnant girl) is that it's ok not to look like you did before! Celebrate your new figure! You're body did something amazing so reward it with POSITIVITY! (and a cupcake) Jokes... but seriously.. you deserve it!

Here's a cartoon I made.


  1. Came across your cute blog brooke :) Love the cartoon and congrats on your beautiful baby boy!

  2. This is so so true! And I love reading positive words about post-pregnancy bodies! Much more uplifting than what we normally hear! Love the drawing too :)