October 09, 2013

Best Baby Buys

It's very easy to go overboard when shopping for a baby. (Guilty) Especially your first. There's something for everything. The baby and wedding industries have it sorted... purely targeting your emotions and bank accounts! Here is a list of 10 of my best purchases so far... followed by some hilarious not so practical products I've come across.

1. The swing chair.

Dad walked though my front door after I had Boston with a huge box and said "We wouldn't have had 4 kids if it weren't for one of these" I couldn't imagine life without my little siblings!! Boston loves the swing chair.. It sings songs and vibrates. I bought another one in America that doubles as a rocker which is handy so Boston can listen to my singing in the shower. You can buy monstrous swings.. but you don't want it to take up your whole living room! The swing is a winner.

2. Skip Hop play mat

This thing is GOLD. Affectionately known as "Owly" This play mat has served us very well. He LOVES it. I think babies like big eyes. The best thing is that you can detach all the toys, string them together and take them with you on adventures. The little pillow it comes with is really handy. Tummy time has been a necessary evil because baby has a flat head on one side. Putting the pillow under his arms makes tummy time more bearable!

3. Dickies Towels

Sadly for Mother Earth I'm not an eco warrior when it comes to nappies. I do recycle bottles and the like but I'm not willing or able to commit to the "mother load" of washing using cloth nappies would entail. My friend Annita got me my first batch of these towels. They are outrageously multi purpose ...I always have 3 or so with me. I actually made a couple burp cloths... Mum mentioned they might be too small. She was very right. These towels will catch everything!

4. Medela Swing Pump

This one's a winner. Not that I have experience with any others but I did my research and read a lot of reviews and the Swing came out on top. It's great because it's battery operated....  you can plug it into the wall as well. Expressing can be a terrifying sight  which is why you need something speedy and efficient!  I'm happy with all the Medela products. I recently bought the Quick Clean Micro steam bags and the bags that you can express into a very handy too.

5.Rockabye Baby

Boston has always loved loud music... He's probably heard Random Access Memories about 80 times. So when I saw this at Kitson Kids I thought it would be great idea! This CD is magic. Boston is always silenced/put to sleep by it. The tunes don't drive me crazy either which is a bonus. I think I'll buy the whole collection! They have lullaby renditions of Aerosmith, Prince, The Beach Boy's, The Beatles, Blur, Bob Marley, Metallica and list goes on! 

6. Bonds Wondersuits

I think it's a tradition for Australian children to wear a bonds. The Bonds wonder suits are truly wonderful. I had a hard time finding good onesies here in the States so I ordered some online and my sister brought them over. I love the two way zip.. especially now that baby is wriggling around while I dress and change him! Another feature is the built in hand mittens which are essential to avoid your baby gauging his/her face. They are suitable for all seasons as they come in warm and cool fabrics. You can't buy enough of them!

7. My Bugaboo Cameleon

I could not be happier with this purchase. It was a bit of an investment BUT well worth it. Soo light and simple to put together. Boston is already in the seat attachment because he was getting a bit bored lying flat in the bassinet. It's smooth to push and has great suspension on the jagged LA sidewalks. Easy to manoeuvre around tight corners and overall I trust it's quality and know I won't need another pram... until I have another baby and need the Donkey (double) pram. Or maybe I can just attach the skateboard to this one!

8. IKEA Dimma
This is an odd one, yet I've found it very useful. I plugged it into my bedside lamp so that when I wake up to feed Boston neither of us get blinded by the bright light.. Dimma allows you to dim all your lamps to your desired brightness! 

9. Munchkin Bin

There's no doubt with the number of nappies we go though that having a nappy disposal system is essential. It's a convenient odourless time saver. Time accrued from taking the nappies out the big bin would equate to hours! I bought one for home and one here in America. Target sell them and the refill bags .. you can order them online too. At first I was concerned about having up to 25 nappies just sitting in the bin, but it doesn't take long to fill it up and the bi-carb soda illuminates the smell! This was another one of Annita's wonderful recommendation.  


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