November 09, 2013


Mum flu is a pejoratively used phrase that refers to the idea that a Mum (Brooke) when they have a cold, exaggerate and claim they have the flu.

I have always prided myself on rarely getting sick.. My immune system has been compromised lately due to having not slept a full night in 4 months. I have learnt that I suck at being sick. Anyway my husband was the culprit for this cold entering my atmosphere. He brought it home from a Buck's weekend in Vegas. I'm not a very nice nurse... I was mad at him for catching a cold and naturally blamed him for the pain and suffering I experienced while the disgusting cold virus lived with me. I have little tolerance for germs and people harbouring them. That's why I think Nurses are the greatest people on earth. It sucks to be sick for a million reasons but now, being a Mum.. It's sucks on a whole new level because you can't wallow to the extent you normally would. To make matters worse I couldn't mask the symptoms with Codral because I'm nursing, it was one of my more unpleasant weeks. I was convinced that Boston would catch my cold but he didn't, apparently the antibodies in breast milk are magical! We just got back from a trip to wintery New York and we survived that very well so fingers crossed that's the last virus I will catch for the remainder of my life on earth.

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