November 25, 2013

Five Months of Motherhood

My little man has been on quite the adventure since landing on planet earth 5 months ago! It's been too much fun. Everyday is better than the last (most of the time) Motherhood has been kind to me so far. Yes we've had a few dramas. Falling off the bed at 12 weeks wasn't ideal nor was cutting his finger while clipping his nails but overall my triumphs have overshadowed my fails.

We've spent more than 36 hours on a plane together ... He's always a perfect travel companion (apart from when I have to change his messy nappy in a confined space). We've been to Disneyland 4 times already.. Not sure the bank accounts will allow us to continue this tradition. Sadly his favourite ride is "It's a Small World" I agree with my Aunt Lesley who says the ride makes you want to peel your skin off by the end... I guess these are the sort of sacrifices you have to make as a mother ;)

He's the cuddliest little kid. Very calm, relaxed and happy.. Unless he's hungry and who doesn't suffer from a bit of Hangriness. Teething is just around the corner so that lovely character description will probably change! He's a pretty good sleeper. His record is 6 hours straight while we were in NYC... I think we should probably move into the Tribeca Grand seeing as it's where he's slept his best! hehe We saw the Knicks play at Madison Square Garden while we were there and he fell asleep during the game which is remarkable given how loud it was. He also fell asleep during a Lakers game at the Staples Centre. We bought him little ear muffs for that game because he was getting a bit scared when the crowd roared. There won't be any creeping around my house knowing he's capable of sleeping under these extreme circumstances!

As for me 5 months post partum is has it's pros and cons... My hair is falling out (con). Who needs it anyway. I'm actually stunned I have any left on my head. I should have collected it all and woven myself a wig for the day when I wake up completely bald.  My hair is just getting thinner and thinner ... BUT on a positive note I think that my body is too! I've only done my work out dvd twice so I can't credit Tracy Anderson at this stage. Although there was quite a bit of diet damage in NYC..  Magnolia's Bakery Banana Pudding was a life changer. I'm shocked I'm losing weight given that I'm living in America and the novelty of Captain Crunch hasn't worn off. I think I have Boston to thank... it's a two pronged effort.. he's heavy and acts as an all day weights session then he kindly drinks the excess calories I have consumed! I'm not sleep deprived yet... We're not on a routine as such.. he has a little rhythm he's slipped into... never to the minute or anything. I started out doing Tizzie Halls routine which was great because I had no idea what I was doing.. when to feed him or how long he needed to sleep etc... but now that I know him better we just go with the flow. He naps when he's tired and eats when he's hungry and so far that's working well. It's a stress free approach for us.

Life has just gotten better with our little man in it. The only thing missing was spontaneously going to the movies. One day my husband and I just decided to take him with us! We saw Gravity. He didn't make a peep for the first 20 mins then got a bit sleepy/cranky. Jeff took him out for 10 mins he fell asleep and we all watched the rest of the movie together! So now there's nothing I'm missing. Being a Mum is the best. I adore this little person more than words (despite him being responsible for my imminent baldness)

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