December 20, 2013


When reading this post you might say to yourself "She's got a lot of time on her hands"... I suppose I do.. But I've prioritised my Christmas decorating over all household chores. I've made a festive and fabulous choice of choosing Christmas over cleaning. Maybe some kind person will come clean my house for me as a jolly act of service?

There's nothing mothery about this post other than displaying the fact that you can have a 5 month old and still find idle time for craft. I also spend a disgusting amount if time playing Candy Crush and until my child's welfare is compromised I will continue my candy saga.

I thought I'd share some pictures of my home at we count down to my favorite holiday. 

My husband was shocked I'd never had a real xmas tree so he ordered one. I'm sure it's struggling to survive in the this blazing Brisbane heat.. I only needs to stay alive for a few more days!

I bought some burlap to make a tree skirt.. I decided I couldn't be bothered sewing the skirt, burlap is always dusty and smells bad so I just scrunched the fabric around the tree and voila! (Saved myself more time for candy crushing)

I got this advent calendar from Myer last year for $10. I thought I'd fill the little bags with Freddo frogs and eat them all myself.. luckily I never got around to that. Boston will enjoy finding treats in them when he grows up. He'll have to battle me though.

I bought a craft kit from Riot. You wrap fabric around wire to create either Joyeux Noel or Merry and Bright. It was fun to make for the first 10 mins or so.. then I began to morph into the Grinch.. I was sweating and as usual burnt myself with the hot glue gun quite badly. Like any committed crafter I persisted and I was pleased with the result.

Next. I got the NOEL idea from Pinterest. I found the wreath at David Jones and the E at Typo.. I cut out card board letters for the N & L then wrapped them with fabric and jute string. The sparkly lights are from Restoration Hardware. Driftwood star is from Earthborn.

The glass tree is Salt & Pepper. Driftwood tree from David Jones and the Ceramic one from Bed Bath and Table.

"It's the most wonderful time of the year" art I ordered from and the gold cushion is from Country Road.

I'm still hoping to sew Boston a stocking and Santa sack... Only a few days left! It felt weird wrapping all his presents knowing I'll be the one unwrapping them. I even took off the price tags knowing full well he wouldn't judge me if I left them on. I'm very excited for my little mans first Christmas. We were going to make our second attempt at Santa photos last night but despite my efforts Boston got sunburnt at the beach yesterday... his face would have been camouflaged by Santa's red suit.. I felt quite terrible... anyway.. 

 It's such a special time of year where we can be mindful of Christ and the awesome example he left for us. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas full of good times with family and friends! Throw back a few litres of eggnog and demolish a Gingerbread house.. This is truly the most wonderful time of the year. 


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