January 28, 2014

Why you no like food?

- Julia Childs

 I've been force feeding my son unsuccessfully for the past 3 months. It's been quite an effort.. My sister in law warned me not to go to great lengths preparing baby food. She once spent a great deal of time crafting salmon cakes for her daughter.. the cakes were dramatically swiped off the high chair tray onto the floor. Devastating. So I proceeded with caution. However I did foolishly splash out on a Beaba baby food making appliance. Which I haven't and will never get to use. I've discovered that Boss has a serious aversion to the pureed texture... That would have been good to know before I bought this pureeing appliance. My bad.. I guess I wrongly assumed all babies eat baby food.

There's been a break though recently...My husband put his food on a cookie and Boston was forced to eat it off before getting to the good stuff. Like mother like son.. I always surrender to cookies and would eat through almost anything to get to one. 

On the paediatricians recommendation I started introducing solids at 4.5-5 months. Boston was very offended and simply clamped his mouth shut after barely tasting what I offered (rice cereal with breast milk)... I persisted and started feeding him all sorts of yummy things. Not interested. I didn't stress out as he's quite fat and I knew he wasn't going to starve to death.

SLOWLY he's starting to take interest. Still doesn't swallow much of anything but at least tastes it. I'm really confused by him today because I cut up some watermelon and strawberries which he refused.. then about 30 mins later I found him chewing on a wipe I failed to throw out. Don't worry.. it was just wee... but still must have tasted foul. He eats carpet, chews on shoes and dangerously loves sucking on plastic bags. Food tastes much better than all of those things! My standards have dropped quite dramatically. I went from only wanting to feed him home made organic food to feeding him WHATEVER he takes interest in. He's tasted pizza, cookies, macaroons, Starbucks pumpkin bread.. the list goes on. Don't judge me. The paediatrician says he can eat all our food now.. so I think I need to work on my "All I eat is mexican food" diet and start bringing some veges into the equation. Tonight I'm making lasagne, the first meal I've made in a while.. if it goes badly I will feel discouraged and probably won't cook again for 6 months. So for my sons sake lets hope it's a success! 


-Smoothies made with baby yoghurt, coconut milk, banana and berries.

-BAMBA - An Israeli peanut snack. (They have discovered children in Israel don't have peanut allergies as a result on the early introduction of "Bamba") I found it at a Kosher supermarket. 

Toast with Vegemite. Like a true Australian he loves Vegemite.



  1. hah. . "he's quite fat and I knew he wasn't going to starve to death"

    this one was perfectly funny =)

    Happy eating Baby Boston

  2. Your posts always crack me up. So glad to see someone not stressing out about baby stuff. Also, it makes me so happy to know he's already addicted to the vegemite. I may be an American with a total aversion to anything with vegemite, but I'm hopeful my Australian babies will love it.